Feel right
at home

We set you up with in-home
care that works with your
personal lifestyle and culture.

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Needing in-home care is stressful.

I’m handing over my loved one’s care. Can I rely on the agency to always be there?

My loved one’s health is precarious. Will the aides know how to care for them?

We have our own mindset and culture. Will the aide understand them?

With Silver Lining Home Care, the answer is yes.

We are a family-owned home health care agency that provides compassionate and
personalized care where our patients want it the most — at home. You can feel
comfortable and safe without compromising the quality of your care. Every situation
has a silver lining. When it comes to quality home care, it’s right here.

“I was a nervous wreck because my mother couldn’t be left alone. When I connected with Silver Lining, I immediately knew that they were doing their best to help. I felt like I could trust my mother’s care to them instead of trying to balance my mother and my kids at the same time. Silver Lining took onus on her care. It was massive to be able to rely on them instead of carrying the stress myself.”

There’s no place like home

That’s why we do everything we can to keep everyone happy and safe at home.
We take personal responsibility for your loved one’s care with:


We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and all private insurances. We also arrange CDPAP (having a loved-one act as your aide) and take care of reparation for Holocaust survivors.

Are you ready for peace of mind knowing that your loved one is okay?

Arrange care
“It used to be a daily concern — did my mother’s aide show up? Did she have the right care? With Silver Lining I’m much calmer because I know that she’s taken care of. They are on top of her services, respectful of our cultural needs, and understand that small details can be important to us. At the end of the day, with Silver Lining you don’t have to worry. They are an agency that will take care of you.”

Mellisa Doe - Queens